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  NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Army has orderedits members to stop using drones made by Chinese manufacturer SZ DJI TechnologyCo Ltd because of "cyber vulnerabilities" in the products.

  路透社纽约报道 – 美军已下令禁止使用中国大疆创新生产的无人机,认为其产品在网络安全方面不足。

  An Aug. 2 Army memo posted online and verifiedby Reuters applies to all DJI drones and systems that use DJI components orsoftware. It requires service members to "cease all use, uninstall all DJIapplications, remove all batteries/storage media and secure equipment forfollow-on direction."


  The memo says DJI drones are the most widelyused by the Army among off-the-shelf equipment of that type.


  DJI said in a statement that it was"surprised and disappointed" at the Army's "unpromptedrestriction on DJI drones as we were not consulted during their decision."


  The privately held company said it would contactthe Army to determine what it means by "cyber vulnerabilities" andwas willing to work with the Pentagon to address concerns.


  Analysts at Goldman Sachs and Oppenheimerestimated in 2016 that DJI had about 70 percent share of the global commercialand consumer drone market. Goldman analysts estimated the market, includingmilitary, to be worth more than $100 billion over the next five years.


  The Army was considering issuing a statementabout the policy, said Army spokesman Dov Schwartz.

  军方发言人Dov Schwartz表示军方正考虑就此事发布一则正式声明

  The move appears to follow studies conducted bythe Army Research Laboratory and the Navy that said there were risks andvulnerabilities in DJI products.


  The memo cites a classified Army ResearchLaboratory report and a Navy memo, both from May as references for the order tocease use of DJI drones and related equipment.





  johnnyjohnny7hours ago

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  K17 hoursago

  Nothingabsolutely nothing USA can make 100% dependent on Chinese import, sodisgustingly dumb


  John8 hoursago



  BobbyGermino7 hours ago

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  那些中国世界领先水平的MakeAmerican Great Again(让美国再次复兴)的帽子呢? 让美国再次变蠢。

  1Citizen7hours ago

  The factthat our military uses anything made in China is testament to the sell out ofAmerica by greedy corporations and politicians


  James8 hoursago

  What the hedouble hockey sticks?

  搞的h-e doublehockey sticks(应该是美国90年代一部喜剧电影)这一出?

  Pylon1 hourago

  DJI wassurprised because they were not consulted by the US ARMY making this decision?More Chinese belligerence. Second why is the US military still sourcinganything from China now that China has become America's new cold war enemy?China does not conform to international law when it doesn't serve theirpurposes. This makes China a very dangerous nation as we have seen from theiraggressive claims of sovereignty over artificial islands in the South ChinaSea. Why are we even continuing trade with this my way or the highway mentalitynation that has used free trade as a criminal enterprise. It is time to movemanufacturing to nations that respect rule of law. China seems to haveforgotten that they need the world way more than the world needs China.


  vorn5 hoursago

  Everyone sawthis from a mile away. Also I see fitness trackers from Chinese on sale for 16bucks, that's a bad idea too.


  madtaxpayer6hours ago

  China copyChina steal our tech????